Brew Hunter presents MASTERY

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Saturday 13th May 2017

10pm - 3am

£8/£5 Members

Members FREE before 10.45pm

Brew Hunter's



Saturday 20th May 2017

10pm - 3am

£15/£10 Members

Backstreet's usual pricing admission does not apply to this event

Brew Hunter's


Saturday 27th May 2017

10pm - 3am

£8/£5 Members

Members FREE before 10.45pm




DOWN & DIRTY 10th June 2017

New Event 17th June 2017

RUBBRD  24th June 2017



Watch this space for forthcoming dates...

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'One of the best reasons to visit London these days...!'

‘...A steamy night that’s not for the faint-hearted…’     


'...Gotta say, one of the best nights I have ever attended...'

'...Well worth the trip. Great crowd, great play, great smoke...'

'...Another now-fabled Mastery event...If Leather, S/Moke, and Submission are your thing, then this is one of the best opportunities available...get yourselves to the event if you can. These nights are good...'

'...Wow! I went to Mastery...thankfully my trip to London of the best parts of my trip. On Saturday night I had a new experience. For the first time in a room full of leather men I felt like I belonged. The vibe on Saturday night felt like being amongst brothers. Thank you for that...Can't wait to come back!' 

(JOSH, San Francisco)

'...A meteoric rise to become one of the hottest and most                      well-respected parties on the gay fetish calendar attracting

the hottest and hardest Leather and Rubber Men and their bois

from the UK, Europe and the States, in just one year...'


 '...A great night - still floating down from the high;

Brew Hunter really has hit the mark with MASTERY...'

PLEASE contact MASTERY if you require any further information.

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"A huge success ... This is exactly the sort of event London has been crying out for for ages. Huge respect ..."

"I just wanted to say that MASTERY is f**king amazing ... fantastic ... I'll now be there regularly! Cracking!"

"An event we have all wanted for years ..."

"Count me in! I'm a MASTERY convert!"

"It doesn't get better than this..!"


Check out BREW HUNTER's interviews with  QXMEN & DIRTYBOYZ :

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LEATHER MEN & Rubber players / Tops / Masters / bikers / bois / subs / pups / cubs...


@ The Backstreet

Wentworth Mews

London E3

Facebook: Brew Hunter

'... Brew Hunter reignited the London Leather scene with his night Mastery! It's the one and only London night that recreates the sleazy style, the vibe and the attitude of the classic leather bars and clubs and the definitive days of the leather scene ... Mastery has become a hard-playing and high-protocol event for guys into 'Men, S/Moke & Submission' that attracts a staunch, hardcore and loyal crowd of UK and International Leather Men, bikers, bois, pups, cubs and rubber players ... a steamy, smoky, heavy, raunchy affair ... a hardcore fetish night not to be missed!' 


'... Top London Leather Man Brew Hunter returned to The Backstreet, London’s longest-running and original men-only Leather club to present another hard-playing, horned-up, smoky, relentless man sex-filled evening of MASTERY:BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! … MASTERY events at The Backstreet create the vibe and vigour of the definitive days of the classic Leather clubs, and attract the most hardcore Leather men and their bois, together with a big crowd of horny rubber players, bikers, pups and cubs … hot and heavy sounds specially created for the night by top USA DJ/Producer M.Arana, the MASTERY Bootshine Boy, Ashtrays, Cigar Daddies and hungry gimps … busy, dark, intense and sweaty with wall-to-wall Leather men and fetish pigs!'                                                            


"...These events are hot. Be there!"

'... Gotta say, one of the best nights I have ever attended ... Well worth the trip.

Great crowd, great play, great SMoke ...'

'...There's a buzz about the night ... just what the Scene needs. A night built on

the Old Values ... where the true Sirs/Masters/subs/pups - where everyone can be ...'

'...We are going! It's reputation precedes it!'

'... Another now-fabled Mastery event ... If leather, smoke, and submission are your

thing, then this is one of the best opportunities available ... get yourselves to the

event if you can.  These nights are good ...'

'... A great night. We're both reeling from it! London Leather Fetish reignited!!'

'...An awesome night at London's serious Leather and Rubber Fetish night, Mastery!

This night rocks! Fave bit: Leather boi on his knees with a cigar ashtray gag - one to

go please! Thank you Brew Hunter for bringing it together.'

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The Backstreet Smoking Area

The Backstreet

Tom of Finland @ The Backstreet

Taking place at London's infamous Backstreet, MASTERY is is a steamy, smoky, heavy, raunchy SM based night where like-minded Leather and Rubber men, Masters, bois, bikers, subs, cubs and K9s can meet and play at London's longest-running (30 years+) and world-famous Fetish Club.

With a staunch, hardcore and loyal following, MASTERY is THE one and only night that re-lives the classic Leather Clubs and attitude of the definitive days of the Leather Scene. It's a HEAVY-play, HIGH-protocol, NO-holds-barred event with a great S/Mokers' area, packed with hot and horny Cigar Masters, Hunks and Daddys - Men and their bois, from the 'Old Guard' to the 'Vanguard', where the only rules are that all MASTERY MEN observe the Strictest Dress Code (Classic LEATHER

& RUBBER ONLY!) ... and play HARD!

And REMEMBER - Backstreet has FREE membership for the under-25s! (ID required)

Doors open 10pm - 3am, with changing and cloakroom facilities. Taxis and Public Transport available. And now it's even easier with the NIGHT TUBE!

For your convenience, you can find a list of nearby East London hotels with easy access to the centre of the city on the menu above.                                                                 

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