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Brew has been an uninhibited and committed member of the British Leather Scene since he was a Leather Boy on a motorcycle with scuffed boots and a biker jacket at the age of 18. Now, as a high-end Leather Master and SM Dom, he is a passionate believer in the power and ability of our Leather & Fetish Community to create an influential, robust and intoxicating fellowship, which now has the ability to embrace all ages, strengths and experiences.

The internet and social networking has had an extraordinary effect on 'The Scene', but it is now vital that players of all ages and persuasions should be motivated and stimulated to return to face-2-face interaction, which will not only encourage a social regeneration, but will welcome newcomers and younger members of the Fetish community to enter and explore what was once a flourishing and exciting collective with protocol and mentorship.

To this end, Brew Hunter envisaged and created MASTERY as an event that would recreate the heady principles and power of the Early Days of the classic Leather Scene, unifying the rules, respect and ethics of the 'Old Guard' ways with the new and ground-breaking 'VanGuard' 21st century ways of XX Leather, Rubber, Dominance, Discipline and Hard Play.

MASTERY has gone on to re-ignite the London Leather Scene, as the one and only London night that recreates the sleazy style, vibe and attitude of the classic leather bars and the definitive days of the leather scene. MASTERY is now recognised as THE no-holds-barred event for Men into heavy play and high protocol ’Sex, SMoke & Submission’, attracting a staunch, loyal crowd of UK and International Leather Hunks, Doms, Daddys, Bikers and Bears, along with their slaves, subs and bois - as well as like-minded hard-line rubber players. It’s a busy, dark, intense and sweaty cruising night, with hot and heavy sounds specially created for the night by top USA DJ/Producer M.Arana, with the MASTERY Bootshine boy, and Ashtray subs ready to serve. Brew invites you a steamy, smoky, heavy, raunchy affair - a hardcore fetish night not to be missed!

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