Brew Hunter presents MASTERY

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Beginners & Beyond...

S/M and S/Moke Master, Brew Hunter has presented this acclaimed MasteryClass at High Profile Leather events.

Flogging is probably the Visual most heavily associated with LeatherMen and their SM play. Many aspiring LeatherMen are - understandably - wary and concerned about entering this tempting and XXciting aspect of LeatherSex, and they seek a true Master to mentor and explain/display the first steps into this Xxtraordinary synergy of Leather and Dominance.

Flogging - at its best - can, and should, create a deep, hard and profound interaction between two sexually connected men, and in this MasteryClass, Brew Hunter of London’s famous MASTERY Night introduces his impressive collection of floggers and instruments that are used in this one particular aspect of BDSM. Brew Hunter explains and demonstrates how to start giving or receiving a flogging; plus shows how to create, develop, and how to end and round-off a scene, successfully and safely with the ultimate and best results.